Terms & Conditions

Conditions for the use of the Dom Polski Society Co-op Premises.

  • Booking will be held on the tentative basis for fourteen (14) days only.
  • Application for booking must be made by all hirers, on the Application to Hire Agreement Form and must be accompanied by a Full Charge and the Security Fee. The security Fee will be refunded provided the premisses, are left undamaged, clean and tidy. Responsible Committee shall be the sole judges in decidining whether the fee ( or part thereof ) is to be refunded. Charges for additional hours will be deducted from the Security Fee.
  • The hirer is responsible for the setting up all chairs and tables and is responsible for removal of such chairs and tables after the function and cleaning and leaving the premises in a neat and tidy condition.
  • A number of tables and chairs are supplied and included in the hire; however , any additional requirements are the responsibility of the hirer.
  • The responsible Committee may refuse any application or withdraw any permit without giving any reason for such refusal or withdrawal.
  • The hirer will be responsible for observing all requirements of the Places of Public Entertainment Act and Regulations Act and for general safety during the hire period. ( At all times exit doors must remain unlocked and access thereto kept clear).
  • Notwithstanding the payment of the hire fee the hirer shall be responsible for all damage sustained to the premises, including furniture and equipment.
  • The hirer shall, at all times, observe all directions of the responsible Committee. ( who shall have free access at all times).
  • Children are to be supervised at all times .
  • The following acts are prohibited on the premises unless specific permission has been given by the responsible Committee:
    1. Fixing nails, screws or other fittings to the building,
    2. Alternations to electrical, gas or plumbing installations,
    3. Sub-letting of the premises or part thereof.
  • In the event of amplified music being played during functions, the hirer is to ensure that volume of music is kept to a volume so as not to inconvenience nearby residents. That is : noise is to be kept within the levels for Urban Residential Areas as specified under The Industrial Noise Control Regulations 1978.
  • The hire is to ensure that music of any form is not played beyond the hour of 12pm on weekends and by 11.00 pm on week days.
  • Hirers must have Public Liability Insurance to the value of $20 million Australia wide in place during the hiring period.
  • Organisers of events involving the preparation and sale of food should ensure they adhere to requirements and the Food Safety standards. For further information and registration forms, visit www.foodstandards.gov.au
  • Smoking is not permitted within the Dom Polski centre. The hirer is responsible for advising and enforcing this regulations to all guests.
  • The hirer will be held responsible for ALL costs incurred as a result of exceeding booking times.
  • Fee must be paid in full a week prior to booked date/s and time/s.
  • Hirer shall conduct and manage their function at all time in an orderly and lawful manner.

I hereby acknowledge that I have received,read and understood the Dom Polski Centre Terms & Conditions and agree to use the facilities in accordance.

I understand that:

  • I am responsible for ensuring that the premises is left clean and tidy and understand all rubbish must be removed and taken away.
  • I am responsible for any loss or damage to the facility and its contents and agree to pay any costs incurred as a result of that loss or damage.
  • I will only use the facility within the agreed specified times & secure upon leaving and not exceed my agreed hire time.